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Kevin Bartini


Northeast tour 2021

Berkshire Comedy Arts Festival

Tour Dates  TBA

Kevin's Famous and Funny Friends Come Together to Fight the EPA and GE's Proposed Toxic Waste Dump in Lee, MA


     Western Masshole is a badge of honor.  It means that I come from the land of Norman Rockwell, Herman Melville and The Shay's Rebellion.   I come from the only state that didn't go for Nixon!  I remember being a little boy in the early 80's and still seeing bumper stickers that read "Don't Blame Me, I'm from Massachusetts."  
     It means that I grew up in the splendor or Berkshire Autumns and I know how to drive in winter.   It means that I grew up on the banks of the Housatonic River.  It means that I grew up down river from a Super Fund Site.
     The Housatonic River ran behind the little league field in town.   Or so I have been told.  My little league career was spent on the bench.  I really couldn't see past the outfield.  But once I remember going back towards the river looking for a dead body...or an old Playboy.   I only got a headache.
     That river had been pissed full of PCB's since GE began dumping them back in the 1930's.  It wasn't until 1997, my senior year in high school, that the Housatonic River was labeled a "Superfund" Site" requiring GE to foot the bill for the cleanup.  
     GE, stepped up to the plate and cleaned that river, no sorry, fought and delayed cleaning up the tons of carcinogens that have congealed into a viscus tumor running through my hometown.  
     Suddenly under the uber un-corporate friendly Trump EPA, GE scored a deal to dredge the river of their filth, but they don't have to ship it out of state to a facility who can send that vial concoction to hell.  
      Instead they can save hundreds of millions by just throwing it into an abandoned quarry right smack dab in the heart of Berkshire County.  The filthy deal between GE and The EPA was bullied and forced on town officials who approved the measure under the cover of dark.  
     Fuck That.

     Call it smug, call it bog-standard douche-baggery.  But being a Western Masshole means I know when I am right and when to put up a fight.  I will be touring and performing on the Western Masshole Tour Fall 2021.  Tour dates will stretch as far as the toxic runoff from GE's toxic waste dump.    

     I will be headlining a run of shows throughout Western and Central Mass, Connecticut, Long Island and Manhattan in an effort to raise money and awareness in support for the fight for our lives.




#WesternMasshole #noPCB413

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