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Kevin's Famous and Funny Friends Come Together to Fight the EPA and GE's Proposed Toxic Waste Dump in Lee, MA

     To Me, Western Masshole is a term of endearment, a badge of honor.  It means that I come from the land of Norman Rockwell, Herman Mellville and The Shay's Rebellion.   I come from the one state that didn't vote for Nixon.  I remember a little boy in the early 80's still seeing bumper stickers that read "Don't Blame Me, I'm from Massachusetts."  
It means that I grew up in the splendor or Berkshire Autumns and I know how to drive in winter.   
     The Housatonic River ran behind the little league field in town.   Or so I have been told.  I couldn't see deep right from my spot on the bench.  
     That river had been pissed full of PCB's since GE began dumping them in the 1930's.  It wasn't until 1997, my senior year in high school, that the Housatonic River was labeled a "Superfund" Site" requiring GE to foot the bill for the cleanup.  
     GE, stepped up to the plate and cleaned that river, no sorry, fought and delayed cleaning up the tons of carcinogens that have congealed into a viscus tumor running through my hometown.  
     Until now.  Suddenly under the uber un-corporate friendly, Trump EPA GE has a deal to dredge the river of their filth, but they don't have to ship it out of state to a facility who can send that vial concoction to hell.  
      Instead they can save hundreds of millions by just throwing it into an abandoned quarry right smack dab in the heart of Berkshire County.
The filthy deal between GE and The EPA was bullied and forced on town officials who approved the measure under the cover of dark.
     Fuck That.

     Call it smug, call it bog-standard douche-bagery.  But being a Western Masshole means I know when I am right and when to put up a fight.  The EPA has graced us the public, the victims, a short window for public comment.   A few weeks to Email Them to lodge our disgust.  Our only chance to stop this is to get as many people as we can to Email the EPA and to Email the Governor and let them know that a toxic waste dump upwind of where Norman Rockwell painted The Four Freedom's is UnAmerican.  Let's Tell them that stirring up the PCB's that have laid dormant for decades, and doing it on the cheap will inevitably sent cancerous toxins flooding all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.       

     Let's tell them that the corporate bottom line is not as important as public safety.   Let's party together tonight and talk about this.  I have some really cool friends waiting to join us.  I only invited people to join who's talent I really respect.  

Welcome to the Western Masshole Album Release Party and Get Out the Outrage Telethon!



Please enjoy.  But please help us spread the word!
#WesternMasshole #noPCB413


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